Mr. Piyush Sachdeva (Founder & President) Piyush’s multifaceted professional career spans over 2 years of Research, Marketing Communications and Experiential Marketing. An early starter in life, Piyush completed his graduation from the University of Delhi at the same time pursuing his professional career.
Probably the youngest C.E.O & Managing Director in the organized form of the industry, Piyush is a relationships man. Constant innovation, leadership and a humble, yet aggressive attitude have earned Piyush respect and admiration within the industry, both in India and overseas.

Women Sports Foundation

Marketing and Communications Mr. Sumit Kundu, Mr. Karan Gulati
Athlete Marketing and Promotions Mr. Rohit Chaudhary
Finance and Operations Mr. Gaurav, Ms. Preeti
Advocacy Mr. Abhishek Duhan
External Relations Mr. Abhishek Mishra, Mr. Shikar Chhotra
Programs and Events Ms. Sakshi, Ms. Shailja Kakkar
Executive Members Ms. Radhika Sharma, Ms. Priyanka, Mrs. Harsh Lata, Ms. Angad singh, Mr. Karthigevan Balasubramaniam