Cancer kills over 12 Million people every year. We are not looking to cure cancer; we are telling you how to fight it. 90% of cancers are curable, if detected in stage one. The cost to get cancer screening for one person is Rs. 550, and we need your support, be it financial or spreading awareness, to help more people fight cancer.

WE are here to generate awareness and facilitate early Detection of Cancer. We aim to reach out to one and all to engage with the disease and fight to WIN. The spread is fast and wide and we will endeavour control through early detections for which we will also produce facilities across the country. It is a long, tough journey but we believe, Together we can fight this cancer.

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in India is an alarming 2.47 million, according to recent UN and US AID - backed government estimates, with an HIV infection prevalence level of around 0.36 per cent of the country's more than 1.1 billion population.

AIDS Awareness Program involves a multi-pronged sequence of events and interventions including educational, social, and medical efforts to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS, especially in rural areas and within its pediatric group. AIDS Awareness ProgramsThe program focus is on giving proper care and treatment to infected people, and above all, ensuring a healthy atmosphere in the society to end social stigma and ensuing social marginalization.

The Foundation has also been very successful in galvanizing support from all sections of the society towards causes of deep human concern and creating an all-inclusive model of human well-being.