Get in the Game Projects are the Women Sports Foundation special projects aimed at research, knowledge management and personalized athlete-oriented interventions at the bottom of the pyramid.

1. Coach the Coaches Programme:

This programme offers skill enhancement and mentorship for junior-level coaches in India. These programmes are targeted at improving the skills of these coaches by sharing with them the knowledge and experience of senior coaches empanelled by the Women Sports Foundation. The longer term objective is to inject more qualified coaches into the system and boost talent identification, development and care.

2. Special Grants:

Special grants are offered to talented athletes from Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. The Foundation works with the chosen athletes on specific projects with objectives personalized to their needs.

3. Fitness Support:

Under this programme, the Women Sports Foundation has been sponsoring personalised fitness training and care of a number of India’s talented junior badminton players.

4. Research Study:

Women Sports Foundation undertakes, from time to time, research projects that assist with a greater understanding of the challenges faced by junior athletes in the country. The purpose of these studies is to ultimately improve the structure and targeting of the Women Sports Foundation programmes.

5. Athlete Mentorship:

As we support some of India’s budding and most talented athletes through our Athlete Mentorship Programme, we also create a platform for our athletes to be mentored by some of India’s most accomplished sports-men and sports-women through one-on-one and group interaction sessions with them.


Mission Education is a national level programme of Women Sports Foundation, which is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children.

Women Sports Foundation believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education.


WE are here to generate awareness and facilitate early Detection of Cancer. We aim to reach out to one and all to engage with the disease and fight to WIN. The spread is fast and wide and we will endeavour control through early detections for which we will also produce facilities across the country. It is a long, tough journey but we believe, Together we can fight this cancer.

In coming years we will be providing young sports person will financial & equipment aid.

  • Different games workshop, Camps, Championships & Seminars will be organised at Villages, Schools & Colleges all over India.
  • WSF also aware general public towards issues like Cancer, Save Girl Child, Say No To Dowry & Female Foeticide, Child Trafficking in timely manner.