Play and shine ( Khelo aur chamko ) is an initiative taken by WOMEN SPORTS FOUNDATION "WE HAVE A DREAM" team to help and highlight issues in women sports as women sports in india lags behind and eed sufficient improvement and support.


"Sports as a Career"

We invite international players to motivate students to take sports as a career. special talent award will be given to students with excellent performance in sports and guru award for appreciation to physical instructors and coaches.

At this event accolades will be given to all the participants followed by healthy refreshment. And will be attended by our friends from the media, coaches,people known in the sports industry and along with our invited guests. In order to help women sports develop across the society and encourage talented sports women to come out without any kind discrimination , the money that raised in this event will also be used to organize sport camps and support women players who lacks opportunities at different levels.