About Us

We are a foundation that works to make physical activity and every day part of life for whole nation. Registered as a non-profit foundation in March 2012.

Women Sports Foundation (WSF) was conceptualized by a sportsman who wanted to fulfill and translate their passion for sports and strength the future of Indian sports persons in the field of sports and fitness.

In India, women sports has very little recognition and fundraising to motivate them to stay in the sport and choose it as a profession. Such issues leads to a high drop-out irrespective of high performance and they quit even before their peak performance age. We believe champions are not born-they are created through right support, sufficient resources, ample opportunities and optimum exposure at the right time.

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Our goal will be directed towards providing financial and non-financial support to sports women who are either economical challenge or resources deprived. We believe the best sporting talent is given right opportunities to perform and incentive to excel , irrespective of religion , caste and sex then there is no stopping them to perform and do their country proud. It is just a start to work towards make a nation of active women and girls. We have taken some steps but still a long ocean to cross.